Ikea Opposition Greycork Broadens Flatpack Furniture Offering


their houses. The Felix collection also broadens the initial couch and chaise pairing with a coffee table, side table, and bookshelf.


Another noteworthy update, particularly offered the early problem, is that Greycork now provides "real-time shipping," indicating products will leave its Providence storage facility in 1 to 5 days. The company, newly replenished with a $1 million Series Seed financing round led by ff Venture Capital, feels ready making that kind of pledge as the team has likewise more than doubled to 10 people.


Maybe the most interesting element of the prelaunch besides the furniture itself is the brand-new Home Try-Out Kit, a totally free tool that wishes to assist you imagine Greycork furniture in your house before making any sort of commitment, consequently taking some threat from purchasing furniture online.


In this period of VR-everything, the principle here is remarkably, practically comically simple. Each set mailed to your home includes stickers, clear plastic sheets, swatches, and fabric samples. The "visualization" function comes alive when you put a sticker of the furniture on a clear plastic sheet, hold it up from an angle and look at it with one eye, move it back and forth to find the right scale, and then take an image of it with your phone to see how it all appearances.


"We're attempting to keep away from the complicated platforms where you, like, make the design of your house and then put furniture in the space," says Greycork Head of Product Alec Balala, "it does not look that terrific."


"Low-tech," the package does have a very au courant motivation. According to Balala, the concept concerned the team after speaking about Snapchat, and how the sticker labels on there can be scaled up and down. This is, after all, a company founded by and for millennials.


Since Greycork introduced on Indiegogo in August 2015, there have been lots of a flatpack furniture debuts targeting young urban residents with small apartments and nomadic tendencies. "It's ending up being more and more obvious now to a lot more individuals that there's a genuine opportunity to take a huge chunk of market share in this industry," states Greycork CEO John Humphrey.


"This audience they do not have vehicles any longer," states Babala. "A trip to Ikea just takes such a long period of time, like the whole weekend. It just doesn't work."


For Greycork, performance and design will differ as it rolls out brand-new items and upgrades twice a year, however everything always has to ship to your door.


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